5 Tips for Applying for a Canadian Visa as a Latvian or Lithuanian Citizen

A Canadian Visa allows citizens of Latvia and Lithuania to work and live in Canada, but it isn’t easy to get one. Canada has very strict immigration policies, so the application process can be lengthy and complex. Follow these five tips when applying for a Canadian Visa if you’re either Latvian or Lithuanian, and you’ll have the best chance at getting accepted in the country that you choose to call home. If you don’t use these tips, then your chances of being accepted are significantly decreased, so do yourself a favor and read on.

1) Read the requirements

Before you apply, it’s important to read up on what’s required. A Canadian visa application will ask about your background and ties to Latvia or Lithuania and information about any previous visas that have been applied for. If you are married, there are specific questions relating to spouses; if you have family members in Canada, there is information related to them too. Make sure you know exactly what is being asked before submitting an application—the last thing you want is a delay in processing because of something you didn’t properly include. Canadian Visa for Lithuanian Citizens

2) Find Out What Documents are Required

This year, Canada has waived visa requirements for citizens of 38 countries including Russia, Australia, and all EU member states. However, even if you’re from one of these countries, you still need to apply for a visitor visa before traveling to Canada if your stay is longer than six months. For those who aren’t from an eligible country and want to visit Canada more than once in less than six months (or longer than six months), they must apply and receive a temporary resident visa. Depending on your circumstances (if you are married to a Canadian citizen or have children attending school in Canada) some visas may be granted faster than others.

3) Choose an Appropriate Application Centre

Although Canadian embassies and consulates are all authorized to process applications, there may be one closer to you than others. When selecting your location, it’s best to choose an office with experience processing visas for people in your country (as opposed to another). For example, because Latvia and Lithuania are members of Schengen, most offices in Canada process visa applications from non-EU/EFTA citizens. That being said, if you’re looking to apply at a Canadian embassy or consulate outside of Europe (e.g., Vancouver), you should expect that they might not have much experience dealing with people from Latvia and Lithuania; in such cases, it’s probably best to select another location (if available). Canadian Visa for Latvian Citizens

4) Apply as Soon As Possible

With any visa application, it’s important to make sure you apply early. Since Canadian immigration visas are so highly sought after, some embassies and consulates hold lotteries in which they randomly select names of people who have applied to come to Canada, and if your name is drawn you must leave within 30 days of notification. If you’re lucky enough to be selected through a lottery, it can make sense to buy round-trip tickets before knowing if you’ve won—you can always refund your ticket at no cost if your request gets denied. This way, you’ll get notified faster about whether or not you were selected for an immigration visa and need to book flights home immediately.

5) Take Professional Advice When Necessary

Canada is known to be one of Europe’s finest destinations. It might not be perfect for everyone, though, and that’s okay. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may need advice from a legal professional to ensure that your application is filled out correctly. This can save time and ensure a smoother process overall. Consider reaching out to an immigration lawyer who works with Canadians frequently; they might be able to help you with questions regarding how to apply, how long it will take to process your paperwork, and what happens next if things don’t go exactly according to plan. Canada takes its immigration laws seriously—and so should you!

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