10 Countries That Grant Tourism Visa On Arrival To China And Saudi Arabia

The article gives us a breakdown of visa policies for 10 countries that are popular destinations for both Chinese and Saudi travelers. It gives us the policies of each country in detail, so that we can compare the two.

What is a Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa is a type of visa that allows visitors to stay in a foreign country for a specific amount of time. Most countries grant tourist visas on arrival, which means that tourists don’t need to apply for the visa beforehand. Turkey Visa for Saudi Citizens

China and Saudi Arabia are two countries that grant tourism visas on arrival. This means that foreigners who visit these countries can stay in the country for as long as they want. Tourists who have a tourist visa are not allowed to work or study in the country. However, they are free to travel around the country and spend their money however they want.

Tourist visas can be a lot cheaper than regular visas. They also come with some benefits, such as being able to stay in the country for a longer period of time. Many people choose to get a tourist visa instead of a regular visa because it’s simpler and more convenient.

Turkey Visas for Chinese Citizens and Saudi Arabian Citizens

  1. China and Saudi Arabia are two of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
  2. Both China and Saudi Arabia grant tourism visas on arrival to citizens of many different countries.
  3. Turkish nationals are among the visa-granting countries for Chinese and Saudi Arabian citizens.
  4. Turkish nationals can visit both China and Saudi Arabia without a visa.
  5. Chinese and Saudi Arabian citizens can also visit Turkey without a visa if they have a valid passport from one of the visa-granting countries.
  6. Turkish nationals are not required to obtain a visa before traveling to China or Saudi Arabia. However, they must have sufficient funds to cover their expenses while in the country. Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens

Turkey Visas for Saudi Arabian Citizens

China and Saudi Arabia are two of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, these countries do not always have the same visa policies.

For example, Saudi Arabia does not grant tourism visas on arrival to Chinese citizens. This means that Chinese tourists must first apply for a visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate before travelling to Saudi Arabia.

Turkey is a different story. Turkish citizens can travel to Saudi Arabia without a visa if they are carrying a valid passport and a valid airticket. This policy is intended to promote tourism between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Getting Your Visa

If you are planning to visit one of the countries that grant tourism visa on arrival, China and Saudi Arabia, you will need to get a visa in advance.

China is one of the few countries that allows tourists to enter without a visa. All you need is your passport and a round-trip ticket. You can also stay for up to 30 days without a visa if you have a valid travel document from your home country.

Saudi Arabia is another country that grants tourists visa on arrival. However, you will need to apply for a visa ahead of time. The process is relatively simple, but it can take some time to receive your visa. Make sure to check the latest visa requirements before applying.


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