All You Need to Know About India Visa Photo Requirements

India visa photo requirements are very specific, and you’ll need to follow them exactly if you want your application to be accepted. The Indian embassy will reject your visa application if you don’t follow these photo guidelines, and you may even have to pay another visa fee or return home without your passport if you don’t get the photos right the first time. For this reason, it’s best to research India Visa Photo Requirements before you buy any photos from any vendor.

Why are there strict photo guidelines for Indian visas?

There are strict photo guidelines for Indian visas because India is a high-volume country with more visa applications than any other in terms of total numbers. In order to process applications faster, India has set these specific photo requirements and guidelines in place. The idea is that if you stick to those guidelines and submit an application that meets their standards, then your processing time will be shorter. That’s why it’s so important to follow all of India’s application submission rules—even if they seem inconvenient or tedious. Make sure you read them over before submitting your visa application so that you don’t run into delays when applying for your visa!

How should you take your photo for an Indian visa application?

There are two things you must do when submitting an Indian visa application: Make sure your face is completely visible and make sure you’re not wearing any logos, colors, or accessories. If you’re not sure what that means, here are India visa photo requirements that are broken down for you. Keep in mind these rules apply only to a new Indian visa, not a reissue. The exact requirements vary from country to country, so be sure to check with your local embassy before applying. (You can find information on all Indian embassies here.) When it comes time to take your picture, don’t wear anything other than plain white clothing and have a neutral background behind you. Avoid reds, blues, and greens as they may show up as black on camera—and never wear anything reflective such as sunglasses or jewelry! Bring two passport-sized photos with you when visiting your local embassy—you’ll be required to submit one of them with your application form while retaining the other copy until you receive confirmation of its acceptance. India Visa Application Photo Requirements

What does the body position in an Indian visa photo look like?

In India, photos for visas and passports are required in both color and black-and-white. Applicants are not allowed to wear glasses in their passport or visa photo, but they may wear contact lenses. The background must be white or off-white (not bright green or yellow) and contain no patterns or text of any kind. Photos should show your full face, head, neck, and shoulders. Head coverings, if worn for religious reasons, can be worn in Indian visa photos.

Is it important to wear dark clothing in your Indian visa photo?

Yes. The photo must show both your clothing and your skin, so it’s best to wear dark clothing—black or navy are good options. Make sure your face is well-lit and that you’re smiling slightly (the visa officer will be able to tell if you’re not). Dress in business attire and make sure that you have nothing covering your face except for facial hair if applicable. Also, be careful not to have any objects on or near your head, as they may appear in your picture too. Many applicants choose to apply at an off-site location instead of a local passport agency for an India visa application because of these strict guidelines.

What color background should you use in your Indian visa photo?

Your India visa photo must be taken against a white background. Do not wear anything with colors or patterns on it, and make sure your hair is not covering any part of your face. Wear glasses that you normally wear for everyday purposes, so there are no shadows or reflections from them in your picture. Please note: The Indian consulate has said that during special events they may ask you to use a different color background so try and carry some white paper with you (and make sure it’s new) in case you are asked. It is advised that if you are attending an event then contact the embassy before submitting an application because they will be able to confirm what color background is necessary at any given time.

Should you crop out people from your Indian visa photo?

If you’re planning on traveling to India with a visa and are using an Indian Visa Application Form (the DS-160) for your process, you might be wondering about whether or not you should crop out people from your passport photo that appear in your application photo. The answer is: it depends. This applies more to US citizens, who have been asking their consulate if they should crop out their kids from their passport photos for India visa applications. In general, unless you have small children in your passport photo and would like them to appear in your final India visa application photo so that they can travel with you, do not crop them out of your photo.

How should you fill the white space around your face in your Indian visa photo?

Choosing a white space type of passport photo can be confusing. If you aren’t sure what I mean by white space, don’t worry. It’s simple, really—in a passport photo, there are different options for how much of your face is covered by white and black space. Choosing which option is best for you depends on what will look better with your complexion and hair color.

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