How to Apply for an Indian Visa as a Kenyan or Namibian Citizen

If you’re looking to visit India or simply hoping to move there, you’ll first need to obtain an Indian visa. The documents you’ll need to gather, the information you’ll need to prepare, and the procedure you’ll have to follow depend on your citizenship and the length of time you’re requesting on your visa application. Check out our complete guide on how to apply for an INDIAN VISA FOR KENYAN CITIZENS or Namibian citizens!

What visa type do you need?

If you are going to live in India for six months or more, you’ll need an Indian visa. There are different types of visas depending on your reason for travel. You might have heard about student visas, tourist visas, business visas, and medical visas but they aren’t your only options. Do you want a spouse visa? A marriage visa lets you bring along your husband or wife (or same-sex partner) and that person can work and study while in India too. Do you want a long-term residence permit? This gives you permanent rights and privileges in India, though it’s best if your reason is employment-related. Regardless of what type of visa applies to your situation, one thing remains true: Applying is complicated!

Where Do You Apply?

All Indian embassies and consulates are located in different countries. Citizens must therefore first look up where their nearest embassy is located, before applying for an Indian visa. In most cases, you can find an Indian embassy on your country’s department of foreign affairs website. You will need to enter your country of citizenship into a search engine and add the Indian embassy or Indian consulate in order to find all applicable locations and addresses. INDIAN VISA FOR NAMIBIAN CITIZENS

The Application Process

Once you’ve determined that you’re eligible for an Indian visa, getting one is relatively straightforward and quick. You can apply either in person at your nearest Indian embassy or via mail. Before applying, check whether there are specific requirements (such as proof of funds) that must be included with your application. Then gather all of your documents—your passport and any other required supporting paperwork—and get ready to visit (or mail) India!

Tips and Tricks

Before applying, you must first figure out if you need an Indian visa. If you’re not sure whether you need one, check with your nearest Indian embassy or consulate. You can find contact information here. There are also dozens of regional Indian consulates in Africa (in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, etc.), so check with your closest city for further details. Once you know what type of visa you’ll be applying for (business/tourist), go ahead and fill out Form MHA-41 at home before arriving at the consulate. After arriving at your local Indian consulate, bring all required documents with original copies and two photographs.

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