Indian Visa Requirements For Armenia Citizens And Cambodians

Indian nationals can apply for a visa to visit Armenia, and vice versa. The requirement for both countries are as follows:

Armenia: A valid tourist or business visa is required.

Cambodia: A valid passport is required with a valid visa. Indian Visa for Armenia Citizens

Indian Visa Requirements for Armenia Citizens

As of January 1, 2020, the Indian visa requirements for Armenians have been eased. However, still some required documents may need to be submitted.

The validity of an Armenian visa is 3 months and can be extended for a further 3 months with a valid passport. The visa fee is USD 60.

For travellers from Cambodia, the Indian embassy in Phnom Penh has announced that they will no longer require proof of vaccination against yellow fever or malaria when applying for an Indian visa.

Indian Visa Requirements for Cambodia Citizens

According to the Embassy of India in Phnom Penh, Cambodia citizens need a visa unless they are travelling on a diplomatic or official passport. The following are the Indian visa requirements for Indian Visa for Cambodia Citizens:

Passport holders of ASEAN countries ( Brunei , Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand) can visit India visa-free for 90 days per trip. Nationals of Myanmar (Burma) and North Korea are not permitted to visit India visa-free. Nationals of Afghanistan and Bhutan who hold valid passports can visit India visa-free for 30 days per trip. Tourist Visa on Arrival is available at all international airports in India for Rs 500/- (US$8). The passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of planned departure from India. Nationals of Gambia, Mauritania and Senegal who hold green cards may stay in India for 180 days without a national ID card provided they have a valid travel document that shows an onward destination outside their country. For nationals of these countries who do not have either a travel document or national ID card, an immigration officer may issue an NOC authorizing stay beyond 90 days.

For all other foreign nationals visiting India for tourism purposes there is no need to obtain a tourist visa prior to arrival as long as they meet the following requirements:

How to Apply for an Indian Visa

If you are a citizen of Armenia, Cambodia, or Laos and you wish to visit India for tourism or business purposes, you will need to apply for an Indian visa. The requirements for obtaining an Indian visa may vary depending on your nationality, but most citizens will need to provide some evidence of their identity and travel plans. In addition, some other paperwork may also be required, such as a passport photo.

To apply for an Indian visa, first determine if you need a tourist visa or a business visa. If you are visiting India for tourism purposes only, then a tourist visa is likely all that is required. However, if you are planning to conduct any business activities in India while in the country, then you will likely need to obtain a business visa.

Once you have determined which type of visa is required, the next step is to gather the necessary documentation. This includes your passport photos and any other documents needed for your specific application (such as proof of citizenship).

Once all of the required documentation has been gathered, it’s time to submit the application online or through the proper embassy or consulate office. Depending on your nationality, there may be additional paperwork that needs to be completed before your application can be processed (such as paying an application fee). However, once your application has been submitted and approved, you should receive notification about your visa status within a few weeks.


What To Bring With You On An Indian Visa

If you are a citizen of Armenia or Cambodia, you will need to bring your passport and visa with you when applying for an Indian visa. Other requirements may vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

Some common requirements for tourist visas include a passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay in India, proof of travel insurance, and a photo identification. For business visas, you will likely need to provide evidence of financial stability, employing at least one Indian citizen in your company, and a copy of your company registration certificate.

When applying for an Indian visa, be sure to arrive early in order to fill out any required paperwork and have your fingerprints taken. Applicants who are denied a visa may be able to reapply after visiting India again without having to go through the whole process from scratch.

Process of Getting an Indian Visa

If you are a citizen of India and you want to travel to Armenia, your visa requirements will be the same as for all other foreigners who want to enter Armenia. You will need a valid passport, a visa, and an onward ticket.

To get a visa for Armenia, you will first need to apply online at the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. The application process can take up to two weeks. After submitting your application, you will be contacted by the ministry with further details about the visa application process.

Once you have received your invitation letter from the ministry, you will need to submit an online application for a visa at the Armenian embassy or consulate in your home country. Your embassy or consulate will require additional documentation such as proof of citizenship and travel information.

Depending on which type of visa you are applying for, you may also have to attend an interview at your embassy or consulate. After completing the visa application process, expect to receive your visa within two weeks.


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