The Very Brief History Of The Turkey Visa For Cypriots And How It Works

Turkey is a popular tourist destination for many people around the world. With so many tourists visiting Turkey each year, it’s no surprise that the Turkish government has created policies and procedures to make the visa process as smooth as possible for its citizens. In this article, we will discuss the history of the Turkey visa for Cypriots and how it works.

What is a Turkey Visa?

The Turkish visa for Cypriots is a visa that allows entry into Turkey for citizens of Cyprus. The visa is valid for 90 days and can be extended for an additional 90 days. To qualify for the Turkish visa, you must have a valid passport and proof of residence in Cyprus. You must also have adequate funds to cover your stay in Turkey. The application process for the Turkish visa is simple, and you can apply online or at any Turkish embassy or consulate.

Who can Apply for the Turkey Visa?

Cypriots are able to apply for a Turkey visa if they have a valid passport and sufficient funds. The visa process is relatively straightforward and can be completed in less than a day. Requirements include a proof of travel, an application form, payment of fees, and a photo ID. Applicants must also provide information about their destination and intended length of stay in Turkey. Finally, they must provide contact information for two local hosts who will vouch for their character. Turkey Visa for Cypriot Citizens

How to Apply for the Turkey Visa?

The Turkey visa is a short-term visa that allows citizens of Cyprus to travel to Turkey for up to 90 days. The visa can be applied for at the Turkish embassy or consulate in your home country. All you need is your passport and a valid passport-sized photograph. The application process is relatively simple, and you will need to provide your name, date of birth, nationality, address in Turkey, and proof of funds (a bank statement or an original receipt from a hotel or airline). You will also need a photocopy of your passport pages containing the entry and exit stamps. If you are travelling with children, you will also need their birth certificates. Finally, you will be asked to provide your contact information in Turkey. Once all the necessary information is submitted, you should expect to receive your visa within 10–14 days.


Turkey is a country that has always been important to Cyprus. The Turks have played an important role in Cyprus’ history and Turkey remains one of the few countries with which Cyprus maintains full diplomatic relations. The Turkish visa for Cypriots is a remnant of this history, though it has changed over time. Initially, the Turkish visa only allowed Cypriots who were employed by Turkish companies to travel to Turkey. However, since the lifting of travel restrictions in 2003, the visa has become much more flexible and now allows for travel to any destination within Turkey without requiring employment or business dealings with Turkey. Turkey eVisa

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