Turkey Visa for Afghan Citizens

A blog article discussing the recent changes in Turkey’s visa policies regarding its citizens and non-citizens. The article covers the new rules as well as some of the consequences for Turkey. Turkey Visa for Cruise Visitors

Turkey Visa for Afghan Citizens

Afghanistan is one of the most visited countries in the world with over 50 million tourists annually. Turkish nationals are also popular visitors, with around 1.5 million visiting Turkey each year. However, the process of obtaining a visa to travel to Turkey can be time-consuming and difficult for Afghan citizens.

The Turkish government has recently announced that it will begin issuing visas on arrival for Afghan citizens from May 31st, 2016. This new policy will make it much easier for Afghan citizens to visit Turkey and obtain a visa without having to go through the lengthy bureaucratic process.

Under the new policy, Afghan citizens will only need to provide proof of their identity and date of birth, as well as a valid passport or national ID card. They will not need to provide any other documentation or letters of invitation from a Turkish citizen or company.

This new policy is great news for Afghan travelers who have been struggling to obtain visas to travel to Turkey. It makes the process much simpler and faster, eliminating the need to go through long waiting periods and submitting multiple documents.

The visa requirements for Afghan citizens visiting Turkey vary depending on the purpose of the visit. For short-term visits, including tourist and business purposes, a visa is not required for holders of a passport from Afghanistan. For long-term visits, as well as for stays exceeding three months in a 12-month period, a visa must be obtained. Afghans who hold refugee or asylum seeker status may obtain visas upon submission of an application and verification of their status by the Turkish authorities.

In order to apply for a Turkish visa, applicants must submit the following documents along with their application: passport valid for at least six months after the date of intended travel; completed application form; two passport-sized photographs; fee (currently $60). Applications can be submitted directly to the Turkish consulate in their home country or through one of the many online application services.

Once all required documents have been submitted and verified, applicants will be issued an appointment to come in person to submit their application at the Turkish consulate. If you are unable to come in person to submit your application, you may also fax your documents to the consulate. The deadline for submitting applications varies depending on which consulate you are applying at, but is typically between three and four weeks from when all documents have been received.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive notification from the consulate about how to collect your visa(s). You must bring all required documentation with you to pick up your visa(s),

Turkey Visa for Bangladesh Citizens

If you are a citizen of Afghanistan, you can apply for a visa to visit Turkey without having to attend an embassy or consulate in your home country. However, if you are applying for a tourist visa, you will need to visit an embassy or consulate in order to obtain the appropriate documentation. The application process is straightforward and takes around two weeks from the time your application is received. Once your visa has been issued, it will be valid for up to 30 days and must be used within that period. If you are travelling on government business, you will need to provide additional documentation confirming your appointment.

If you are a citizen of Afghanistan, you can apply for a visa to enter Turkey. You will need to submit your passport and application form to the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country of residence. The process may take up to six weeks, but it is not difficult and there are no requirements beyond being a citizen of Afghanistan. Once you have received your visa, make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you when travelling to Turkey. Turkey Visa for Bangladesh Citizens

# How Pakistani Citizens can get a Turkish Visa

Turkish citizens can get a visa to visit Pakistan if they have a valid passport and an onward ticket. The visa is valid for 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days. Turkish citizens must also have proof of financial stability and health insurance in case of an emergency.

Application process

Turkish citizens can apply for a visa at the Turkish embassy or consulate in their respective country.

Required documents for applying for a Turkish visa include:

– A passport valid for at least six months beyond the desired stay in Turkey

– A recent passport-style photo

– Proof of sufficient funds to cover the duration of the stay in Turkey (around $60 USD or €50 EUR per month)

– A letter of invitation from a Turkish citizen, company, or institution

– Proof of travel insurance

VISA criteria

If you are an Afghan citizen and you want to visit Turkey, you need to meet the following visa requirements:

-You must have a valid passport with at least six months validity remaining after your planned departure from Afghanistan.

-You must present a letter of invitation from either your employer or a Turkish institution. If you are traveling for tourism purposes only, you do not need a letter of invitation.

-You must have proof of financial stability, such as an international bank statement which shows that your funds will last for at least three months after your return from Turkey. Additionally, you will need to provide evidence that you will not be living in Turkey beyond your tourist stay. This can be in the form of an airline ticket, hotel reservation, or rental agreement.

Turkish Embassy in Karachi, Pakistan

The Turkish embassy in Karachi, Pakistan offers visa services to Afghan citizens. The required documents are a valid passport and a visa application form. The embassy can also process other visas if requested. The processing time for a Turkish visa is around four weeks.

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