Turkey Visa For South African Citizens: How To Apply And What To Bring

Turkey is a country in Eurasia, bordered by Syria and Iraq to the north; by Bulgaria and Greece to the east; by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran to the south; and by Libya to the west. With a total area of 1,290,000 square kilometers and a population of about 74 million people, Turkey ranks as the seventeenth most populous country in the world. Turkey boasts a rich cultural heritage with ties to both East and West. It is also one of the most visited countries in Europe. Turkish culture is based on Islam and its people speak Turkish, an Anatolian Turkish dialect. Turkey Visa for South African Citizens

Turkey is a popular destination for tourists due to its warm weather, Mediterranean atmosphere, historical sites and welcoming people. The country has a wide range of tourist attractions including ancient ruins such as Ephesus, Mount Nemrut and Seljuk Caves; natural wonders such as Bodrum Peninsula, Marmaris Island and Datca National Park; religious sites such as Hagia Sophia and Fatima Mezquita; and popular resorts such as Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman and Kuşadası. To apply for a Turkey Visa you will need to provide your passport information (including your photograph), your visa application form (which can be downloaded from the website of the Turkish Embassy or consulate), two passport-sized photographs, proof of health insurance coverage for your stay in Turkey (which may include medical examination certificates)and other documents required depending on which type of visa you will be applying for.

How to apply for a Turkey Visa

If you are a South African citizen and want to visit Turkey, read on for information on how to apply and what to bring.

There are several ways of getting a Turkish visa, depending on your nationality and the type of visa you require. The most common way is to apply online at the Turkish embassy or consulate in your home country. However, certain nationalities (e.g. British nationals) can also obtain visas from Turkish border control at ports of entry if they have an invitation letter from a Turkish organization or company sponsoring their visit. Turkey Visa Types

To apply online, you will need to provide some basic information such as your full name (including any variations), date of birth, passport number, address in Turkey, contact information (phone number and email address), proof of travel arrangements (if applicable), and an image of your passport or ID card. You will also be required to submit a fee. If you are applying for a family member travelling with you, be sure to include their full name as well as yours in the application form so that your application will be processed faster.

Once you have submitted your application online, it will typically take around four weeks for a decision to be made. If you applied through a consulate or embassy, you should receive a notification about the outcome of your application within two weeks. If you applied through border control at a port of entry, it may take up to three weeks for a decision to be made. In either case, make sure that

What you need to bring when applying for a Turkey Visa

If you are a South African citizen and wish to visit Turkey, you will need to apply for a Turkish visa. Here is what you will need to bring with you when applying:

-Your passport with at least six months remaining on the validity date

-One recent photograph (3×4 inches)

-A valid travel ticket

-The completed application form

-Bank statement showing that you have enough funds to cover the cost of your stay in Turkey

-Proof of insurance or financial protection against health risks in Turkey (e.g. medical evacuation certificate, health card, etc.)

Visa processing times

South African citizens can apply for a Turkish visa in advance through the Turkish embassy or consulate in their home country. The application process is straightforward and requires only a passport-sized photograph, a visa application form, and the applicant’s passport information. Visa processing times vary depending on the embassy or consulate, but most applications are processed within two weeks. Citizens should bring their original passport scan, visa application form, one passport-sized photograph, and proof of tourist or business intentions to Turkey when applying for a Turkish visa.

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