How To Apply For A Turkish Visa For Canadians And Australians

An article about how to apply for a Turkish visa for Canadians and Australians.

How to Apply for a Turkish Visa

If you’re a Canadian or Australian citizen and you want to visit Turkey, you’ll need to apply for a Turkish visa. Here’s how: Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens

  1. Visit the Turkish embassy or consulate in your home country. You can find the addresses and contact information for Turkish embassies and consulates here.
  2. Fill out a visa application form. The form will ask you for your name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, and other information. You’ll also need to provide evidence that you have enough money to support yourself while in Turkey (for example, a bank statement).
  3. Provide photocopies of your identification documents ( passport, driver’s license, etc.).
  4. Pay the required visa fees. The visa fees depend on the type of visa you’re applying for (see below).
  5. Submit your application package to the embassy or consulate. Make sure to include your passport photo and copies of all required documents.

What is the Process?

To apply for a Turkish visa for Canadians and Australians, you need to submit an application form online or through the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country. The application fee is $60 for Canadians and Australians. Once the application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to proceed. You must schedule an appointment with the Turkish embassy or consulate in your city to complete the visa application process. Expect to spend about two hours completing the application process.

Deadlines and Renewal

If you are a Canadian or Australian citizen, and you want to travel to Turkey, you will need to apply for a Turkish visa. The application process is not difficult, but there are certain deadlines that you must adhere to if you want your visa to be approved. Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens

The Turkish government has specific visa requirements for Canadians and Australians, so it is important that you understand what those requirements are before you apply. In addition, Turkish visas can only be issued for specific periods of time, and they must be renewed periodically.

If you want to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days, you will need to obtain a multiple-entry visa. If your trip is less than 90 days long, or if you only plan on visiting Istanbul or other major cities, a single-entry visa will be sufficient.

Once you have determined which type of Turkish visa is best for your needs, the next step is to fill out an application form and submit it along with the required documentation. You should also make sure to submit a passport photo and pay the applicable fees. Your visa application may take up to three weeks to be processed, but please note that the Turkish government occasionally experiences delays in its processing system.

What to Bring with you?

When travelling to Turkey, it is important to be aware of the visa requirements for Canadians and Australians. Here are a few things that you should bring with you when applying for a Turkish visa:

Your passport

Your valid visa (if required)

Your airline ticket (if applicable)

A copy of your hotel reservation or confirmation letter (if applicable)

A photo ID such as your driver’s licence or passport photo

Proof of financial support, if travelling on a tourist visa

Where can you apply?

If you are a Canadian or Australian citizen, you can apply for a Turkish visa at the Turkish embassy or consulate nearest to your place of residence. The process of applying for a Turkish visa typically takes between two and four weeks. However, depending on your nationality and the time of year you apply, the application process can be more or less complicated.

If you’re not a Canadian or Australian citizen, you may be able to obtain a Turkish visa through an approved Turkish travel agency. To find an approved Turkish travel agency near you, consult the Turkey Visa Information website.

Before submitting your application for a Turkish visa, it is important to gather the following information: your passport photo, your passport number, your national identity card number (if available), the name of the person you are travelling with (if applicable), your flight itinerary and confirmation numbers, and the amount of money you plan to spend while in Turkey. You should also have photocopies of all of these documents ready for submission with your application.


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